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Water filters catalog for BRITA

For the world leader in the production of water filtration systems, the German company BRITA, we have developed an elegant, but interesting and lively product catalog.

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art-director Artem Bobrov

BRITA exists since 1966, when it’s founder Heinz Hankammer had the idea to improve the quality of tap water in a convenient and simple way. Nowadays BRITA is the world’s leading manufacturer of both domestic and industrial water filtration systems.

At the end of 2021, the company hired us to develop a new product catalog for the Russian market, combining functionality and elegance. In addition to the product part, the catalog should tell about the BRITA company itself, its mission, vision and projects in the field of social and environmental responsibility.

The entire project has been completed in 5 weeks. In it’s course, we have developed both the design concept itself in accordance with the company’s graphic language, as well as a large number of infographics and other illustrations that help customers get all the necessary information about the catalog in a clear and convenient way. As a continuation of our cooperation, we have also developed specialized product leaflets. BRITA has appreciated the work with our agency, and we sincerely look forward to our cooperation in the future.

The cover of the catalog is made with cutting out repeating the company logo, as well as a folding inner part. This allows us to add consumer interactions where the images in the cutout elements change from photos of products and users to the graphics of the clean fresh water.

The booklet is divided into several global sections, each of which begins with bright and interesting graphics made by us in a style that borrows recognizable elements from the company logotype.

Each model is described brightly, colorfully, but at the same time, it is maximally functional and accessible to the user.

The booklet is split with some colorful image photographs that create a positive mood and better demonstrate the capabilities and features of the product.

The company data, it’s history and mission is an important part of the catalog narrative.

The booklet ends with a reference to the first spread, a photo of pure water, as well as a graphic that repeats the iconic part of the company’s logo, where instead of elements, words that are relevant to BRITA are applied.

In addition to the catalog, our team also developed a leaflet layout for a particular type of product for distribution to customers.

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