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The 5TH catalog

Catalog for unique American company manufacturing watch and other accessories.

+ open project details
art-direction Artem Bobrov

The 5th is a unique American company manufacturing watch and other accessories. They are functional, but not expensive and beautifully minimalistic. Watches are sold only 5 days a month. Only on the official company site. This is a unique marketing idea. We have created the booklet for the company that could help to promote the brand in Russia (for Russian reseller). The booklet is functional and minimalistic as the product is.

Working on this booklet was great fun. A very important and powerful company tool is their community and fans (yeah, they do have fans) all around the world. Their photos were used in the booklet very actively. The main task of creating the print was to make it functional and clear so it would not mess the user to enjoy beautiful images of the product. The company has a large number of amazing marketing materials used in the booklet.

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