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AQUATON mirrors catalog

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art-direction Artem Bobrov

For our regular client AQUATON, a manufacturer of bathroom furniture and accessories, we have already completed 5 projects, including a catalog of bathroom mirrors. The task was to present the company’s collection of mirrors in an elegant but informative way, to reflect the advantages and characteristics of each position.

The design and ideas for the catalog were based on the variety of shapes of each model. Taking this shape, each spread is made taking into account the individual characteristics of the model. This makes the catalog bright but at the same time light and elegant. Non-standard approach to layout and product structure among competitors.

The design of each spread takes into account the shape of a particular model. This makes the catalog diverse and memorable, but at the same time light and elegant.

The approach to design and structure makes the product stand out from its peers.

Working with colleagues from AQUATON is always a pleasure for us, and we are glad that we can help the company to present its products in an interesting and elegant way.

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