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OKBTM Pumps Catalog

In 2017 we have created a large technological catalog for Russian industrial pump manufacturers. A large number of photos, graphs, schemes, and details allow the user to get all the information he needs.

+ open project details
art-director Artem Bobrov

OKBTM is a Russian technological company supplying pumps to nuclear plants. In 2017 they started a new business in pump production. We were commissioned to create a catalog.

In the end, we even can not name it a catalog, as it is not just a list of pumps and their descriptions. This is a real technical novel with a large number of different tables, schemes, and graphs.

One significant idea that was implemented while printing the product. All of the sides of the catalog are painted with a metallic line. You can see this line on every side of the page. This makes the booklet noticeable and remarkable.

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