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Noboku identity

Branding and identity system for a Japanese restaurant in Texas. Cowboy and samurai spirit in one graphical system.

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art-direction Artem Bobrov

Noboku is a restaurant of Japanese cuisine in Texas. Which is quite unusual for this area of the USA. During more than a year, we have worked on an identity system. Bright and colorful as Texas state yet elegant and clean as Japan is a brand DNA. In addition, we have played by combining the traditions of Texas and Japan in different stationery documents.

The logotype is based on a Japanese letter NO which reflects the name of the restaurant. Remarkable form and round circle inside the letter associate the logotype with Japanese roll yet it is done elegantly and quite abstract. The form of the logotype became the basis of the whole brand DNA.

To reflect the colorful combinations of Texas cowboys and Japanese samurais we needed a really wide and noticeable color scheme. Being inspired mostly by Hokusai artworks we have developed the next one.

Logotype can be modified and becomes a frame for different traditional Japanese patterns and elements.

All icons have been prepared based on one grid so they become a part of a solid and clear system.

Within the project, we have created a large number of fast delivery elements — packs, cups, bags and many more.

While working on different stationery we have embraced the idea of connecting two cultures. For example, here you can see two plants associated with Japan and Texas (sakura and cactus) and two warrior types (samurai and cowboy).

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