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Branding, print and website design for a conceptual jazz cafe in the center of Moscow.

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art-director Artem Bobrov

MeSKA is a jazz cafe in the center of Moscow. It’s concept is to create not another funny place that more looks like a parody, but something that is filled with the classical jazz spirit. Yet fresh and bright, not depressive and able to attract young audiences. In 2016 we were commissioned to create a complete brand — starting from the concept, investigations and identity system to digital design.

The solution came from 2 main ideas: round form as an old vinyl disc and recoloring the photo and other graphics into a remarkable and attractive pink-orange gradient. The logotype is based on the round form of vinyl. Inside you see word ME, which reflects the human business approach. The main brand identifier is still the color gradient. It is applied to any stationery or ads. Applying the gradient makes any photo or graphic element more inspirational, spiritual and of course branded.

In addition to the branding system, we have also created the booklet to represent the idea and spirit of the cafe. Booklet has a round hole in it so you always see the logo. Placed into a small box. It looks like a vinyl disc.

Also, we have developed the web design layouts and site system. The result is functional but not boring. It completely follows the brand idea and lets a user feel the mood of MeSKA cafe.

The final step of the brand process is the creation of manual guidelines. It is 200 pages document with a detailed explanation of every brand DNA element and its behavior.

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