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Infosafe annual report

Annual report for large Russian company busy in web and digital world security.

+ open project details
art-direction Artem Bobrov

In 2016 we were commissioned to create an annual report, in 2017 we have completed the job. Though the task seemed to be not so exciting from the beginning, we managed to do it so. A great number of amazing infographics made in an unusual and colorful way, different photos and interesting stories and statistics make the reader not to fall asleep while leafing through the report.

While working on any design we always try to think — how to make it a bit more than it is, and yet not to lose its functionality. Here we have managed to make the product that looks not so boring as any other financial report, yet it is informative and easy to use for anyone.

In addition, we have picked craft cover which is unusual for financial documents and IT-sphere. It adds humanity to the document and allows to feel the real person and team behind the book and information inside.

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