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SFF Book

Stone Facade Factory (SFF) is a Russian company whose main two businesses are architecture services and manufacturing houses and buildings decorations with elements from real stone or marble.

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art-director Artem Bobrov

The company works only in classical style (no modernism) so we offered to create a book for them that could also ask a reader about the importance of beauty, it’s connections to functionality. The cover is a reference to Rene Magritte’s legendary artwork. The book is 210 pages. Every page side is painted with a company brand dark-blue color. The design is clean to empathize with the works and not to make it messy.

Though the book is only 210 pages, the paper is quite heavy. In addition, the cover is decorated with a 3D-printed element glued to the craft part. This makes the book feel meaty what we wanted to gain in order to make a reader feel the valid approach of SFF to their business.

It was a great pleasure to work on this project as the customer has some similar vision as we do — clean and functional design, elegant yet it should have the details adding some beauty to our world.

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