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Catalog for ABB

Circuit Breakers catalog for a world-famous energy company.

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art-direction Artem Bobrov

ABB is a world-famous energy company. When such aggregation has more than 40 different product types with more than 300-400 pages each (and it is constantly reviewed) it is surely hard to follow the esthetic part of the print product. As a self-work, we have created an edition of Circuit Breakers catalogs that are much more esthetic though follow ABB guidelines.

The catalog is clear and functional. It is easy to find any information and yet it looks pretty. The color looks fresh and allows us to functionally organize the chapters of the catalog by manipulating the tint.

It is supposed that each product type can get its own color so it would be easy to identify the type you need. We had a great pleasure designing the catalog as we love working with technical issues.


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