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Boundless Collaboration Programme branding

Branding for non-commercial organization whose task is to combine the traditions of different countries and nations.

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clientBoundless Collaboration
countryRussia, USA
art-director Artem Bobrov

In 2016 we were commissioned to create complex branding for non-commercial organization Boundless Collaboration Programme whose task is to combine the traditions of different countries and nations.

In Russian language the company name starts with letters P and S, based on this concept the logotype is representing these two letters facing each other, creating a sign from a combination of two oppositions.

It was our first experience working with a non-commercial organization in the cultural sphere. It was a great pleasure as we learned a lot from this project in terms of the right approach to the building of graphical language for organizations working all around the world and whose target is to combine the differences. In addition to the branding, we also were commissioned to design a corporate book dedicated to cultures in countries where BCP started their activity.

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