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back to all news J’PAN are awarded among best restaurants in 2019 17 January 2020

01. J'PAN logotype developed by our team in 2018

In 2018 we have been working on the branding of J’PAN restaurant — Japanese bistro in the very heart of Moscow with a unique concept of urban Japanese food instead of familiar sushi and roll oriented cafe. It definitely was one of the most global and important projects for us for many reasons. And the result was astonishing. In 2019 the restaurant was named among the best ones in Moscow. We hope our contribution was also significant.

It is important to note that in 2017 the bistro started as a street point participating in different festivities. Now it is a brand known name.

02. First J'PAN street points

The award Bay Leaf annually names the best restaurants of the year in Moscow. In 2019 J’PAN was named between 50 best restaurants of the year and also was rewarded as “The hope of restaurant business” as the concept and its execution impressed the jury.

However, we suppose the most valuable feedback is the one the restaurant receives from the visitors. You always can visit the Instagram page to see the positive feedback and beautiful photos made by them.

We congratulate the owners and everyone involved in J’PAN world and wish you all the best in your future development.