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Branding and identity

Moyen identity

Identity and a graphical language for a Scottish book publisher.

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art-director Artem Bobrov

Moyen is a Scottish book publisher working with a large range of genres and authors — starting from classics to modern novels or fantasy. For our customer, we have created an identity system based on the image of book pages in case you look at them from the side.

Changing the stroke width (every stroke symbolizes page) allows creating recognizable graphics and even a custom typeface. Moyenta is a font we have created and coded so our customer can easily use it in their stationery and promotional documents.

The form of a stroke element is also important and becomes the plastic base for souvenirs and other company stuff like pens, cups, rulers and so on. We can say it was one of the largest projects we were involved in so far. The important part of the work was creating a graphical system for book covers and decoration.

We have created illustrations of famous authors and book heroes using the plastic of the logotype.

In addition, we have created a large number of book posters to promote and to decorate company offices and stores.

As Moyen is a publishing company, book jacket design is crucial for proper promotion and marketing. Our team has created detailed guidelines and templates for any type of book. Templates were tested on more than 50 different samples so the company would face no unpleasant surprises working with the templates in real life.

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