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back to all news Reconsidering our vision 28 January 2020

01. Reconsidering our vision

2020 is gonna be an important year for us. We have opened the new site after 8 years of using our first one created in 2012. We are opening a representational office in Charlstone, the USA. Moreover, we are reconsidering our work moving to a deeper understanding of the real needs of our customers.

It has been a long journey to find ourselves where we are now. We are proud of everything we have, yet we understand it is time to take the next step and change the way we approach the work. We should become more responsible, more clear in the message we make. Any client coming to our studio should feel the passion behind the work.

To explain in detail, we are hiring new professional specialists with deep experience in marketing, copywriting, digital promotion and web development. We develop a new process of approaching projects. We create new guidelines and standards of quality. We are starting to provide branding expertise and advertisement services. What’s the most important, we are planning to provide services at a higher level than we ever did before. What we can promise we would do our best so any client coming to use would be absolutely happy that he or she trusted our team.

We are a bit nervous but happy before our journey. Let’s see what it brings us. Hope you would be glad to join us!