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branding & identity wayfinding

Apia Arena brand

Branding and wayfinding for hockey arena and entertaining center in Moscow.

+ open project details
art-direction Artem Bobrov

Apia Arena is a sports complex on the north of Moscow. Ice arena and hockey school are two main activities, yet you can as well play basketball, soccer, visit cafes, restaurants, park zone, and other public spaces. We have approached a customer with an idea of the branding, including the logotype, identity and complete navigation system.

The idea was accepted by the commissioner. Last moment they have changed their mind and unfortunately implemented other solutions (created not by us). However, we are happy to represent the work made by our team for the client.

The logotype and the whole branding system are built on the basis of the form of the arena that has well recognizable features in its architecture. Besides working with basic stationery and promo materials we also have worked on the wayfinding system and navigation elements.

Below you can see the origination of the logotype.

In addition in order to implement the navigation system, we have developed special numbers and letters created in the form of the company brand. Used to identify floors, sectors, etc.

Below you also can see some render of the navigation system developed by our team.

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