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Vernisage beauty salon

Web Site:



Art in salon — art in digital

After completing branding for  Vernisage beauty salon (you can see it here) we were commissioned to create a web site for the Customer. The idea of a salon is that besides a first-class  service it is also a place where artists can exhibit and present their paintings.

As famous art pieces became elements of branding site is also full different small details using the concept described.

Pages you will notice

Concept makes a site visit real journey — you would never forget an of the pages you visit.

For example every service part is illustrated with relative famous piece of art.

Some ideas

Feedback page has background paintings with people send or reading letters.

In the master page person is replaced with a painting when you scroll.

All about details

Web site has a clear functional layout and full of attention to small details like 404 page. Beautiful

painting of Salvador Dali perfectly fits the error page for beauty salon.

Mobile version

Site is adopted to mobile version. Super easy to use and super comfortable. Menu and contact action

buttons are always accessible.

(c) 2017 Beverly Group AB

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