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Vernisage beauty salon




Beauty + art salon

In centre of Moscow there is beauty salon called Vernisage. The name comes from the fact that it is not a simple salon we are used to. Owners allow young artists to place their paintings inside the salon. So it becomes an amazing combination of a beauty place and a small museum.

The basic idea for the salon branding comes from the way the author signs his picture. Script font in the lower right corner of the painting (usually). The brand repeats the idea — script letters that is always placed in the right bottom corner of the image/text holder.

Always in one place

The rule is strict and can not be broken. This simple ideas becomes the base that make it not just boring script lettering but a smart and interesting concept

that can be followed within the whole identity system of the salon.

Adding paintings as a base for graphical identity

In addition to described above graphical principles company also can use famous paintings as a patten. For example, to fill some inner spaces for:

envelopes, bags, blanks and other company stationery.

Being interactive

The whole graphic system can be used as a concept for even web-design. The logotype is placed in the

right corner of the screen. Painting are used in the right context.

Vernisage was opened in Moscow in spring of 2017.


Graphical system and rules of using it are described in details in company brand-book.

In the documents every single details is taken into account and described.

(c) 2017 Beverly Group AB

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