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Pawnshops Troika




Troika — Three in Russian

In 2016 we were commissioned to create a graphical identity system and promotional marketing concepts for pawnshops Trioka opening in different regions of Russia.

Troika in Russian means three — this idea became the basis for the whole identity — three is hidden in the logotype and create a marketing concept described below.

Three main principles

In order to explain the «three» concept we have created three main principles of the company to inform the customer.

They are: best conditions and lowest fees, always available cash and friendly personel.

Color system

Created brand has a limited colour system — only two ones make a brand recognizable and do not let

the identity to become to diverse.


In addition pattern to use for covers, bags and some souvenirs was created. The pattern is made out of

figure «3» written in different fonts and languages.

Identity guidelines

In order to use created graphical system in the most proper and disciplined way the company received

a detailed guideline telling the user right way to use create created language efficiently.

(c) 2017 Beverly Group AB

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