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Rage Equipment



2016, realisation planned on 2018-2019

Elegant rage

Describing our project we very often use the word «elegant». Here as well — we were hired to create a graphical identity system for a new line of sport equipment shops in Russia name Rage Equipment (philosophy of company — rage is good if it is for

sports and helps you reach some new heights). What we should do: create the identity to reflect rage in it's best face, not to aggressive but still active and dynamic.


The symbol is a simple combination of two first letter of the company name: R and E.

Still these letters are combined in the most dynamic and active way. Also remarkable and easily identifiable.

Colours choice

Colour choice was based on two major factors (included into our brand philosophy): it should be differentiable, identifiable and reflect the spirit of

the brand. What it means for this project: it should not look like a competitor in any way and be active in the same time.

Print and promo production

In addition to creating brand philosophy we provided some basic print product spreads that tell about the

brand and it's philosophy.


In order to keep the graphical and spiritual face of the brand on a disciplined way we have provided

detailed guideline explaining all the details and philosophy of the identity system.

(c) 2017 Beverly Group AB

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