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Boundless Collaboration Programme


Russia, World



In 2016 we had a meeting with a group of young people who all of a sudden got an understanding that there is no organisation that is working with communication and collaboration between Russian and other countries traditions.

The big idea is to create a non-commercial offer which main target is to create a system and organise different festivities celebrating the difference and in same time collaboration.

How to chow difference and collaboration in one sign and not to loose elegance?

The big task was to combine in one simple graphic idea two opposites: collaboration and differentiation. So we came up with this solution that completely managed to reflect the idea.

Sign consists of two square brackets (with also remind to first letter of organisation name in Russia — П and C).

Flexibility and image holder

The sign becomes some kind of flexible image holder where it combines two opposite ideas, concepts.

Within branding we have created a bunch of different preparations that can be used by the Customer.


Based on this simple idea and right geometric forms of the sign we have developed a clear identifying

system used by the programme and differentiating within bunch of similar organisations.

The guideline

To follow the brand idea in a disciplined way we have created the detailed graphic manual document.

The purpose is to keep the brand in the system within time and do net let it turn into art.

(c) 2017 Beverly Group AB

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