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Pump Catalogue



When print reflects the product

OKBTM is Russian company who specializes working for nuclear power plants. In 2017 company decided to start a new product line — industrial pumps.

Our company was commissioned to create a print catalogue showing all technical aspects and company advantages as well.

Metal paint

We were really inspired by beautiful photos of these industrial equipment. Based on this idea we used metal paint creating the catalogue.

Metal paint is used for the cover and for pages sides as well.

Applied font

Working on this project we tried to find the most proper font. As we did not manage to find anything that suits perfect we noticed Cooper Hewitt.

Cooper Hewitt was created for the design school with this name. Problem was it has no Cyrillic version. So we did it by ourselves.

As a final result we have created more than 40 graphics, 20 schemes and 30 tables.

This was a huge project that allowed us to get

 experience in combing technical and promotional data in one product.

(c) 2017 Beverly Group AB

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