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New Mechanization

Branding and Print




New Mechanization is Russian company. Specialization is working with lifting mechanisms. Company owns a large amount of cranes. In 2017 company made up a decision to create a bright and clear graphical identification system.

Working on this challenge we have transferred the plastic and animation of lifting the cargo up into the typography. Based on Circe font we have developed the NovaMeh font.

Novameh Font

The font in a clear and smart manner reflect the business of the company. Moreover it is so easy to

brand any element — all you need is to use the font and main company colors.


Every symbol is created based on one basic geometry so the font is consistent.


Logotype of the company is simply it's name using created Novameh font. It has enough character and identification power to work alone. Nevertheless if it is needed the customer can use and abbreviation of first

letters: HM typed with Novameh as well. In this case you use the backplate of a company colour so the logotype can perfectly fit any edge of the canvas as it is shown below.


Within the project we also have created a large amount of different stationery and documentation (business cards, envelopes, print products). The base

of the whole branding concept is extremely simple — use the Novameh Font and company colours — so everything gets branded within a second.


Company mainly delivers three types of equipment, so for each of them one colour is assigned.

We have created catalogue grids so the reader always feels the brand system.

Web design

Web site uses same branding elements what is enough to make it recognizable and also

functional and comfortable for a user.

Graphic guideline

As usually for any branding project we do our best so the brand is consistent and not lost after some years, staying recognizable and elegant. More than 150

pages of guide documentation is created by our team for this purpose.

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