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Nabokov lectures on Russian literature

Book design




Vladimir Nabokov is one of the most famous and popular writes in the world. Besides significant amount of novels and poems that he created it is worth

to note his educational career. Nabokov was a lecturer in Wellesley college in United States during 1940's.

Nabokov conducted a large amount of lectures on different topics and themes, including world and especially Russian literature.

Besides his positive or negative attitude to different Russian authors that he does not hide his series of lectures on this topic is really inspiring and exciting

piece of work that would be interesting to any person not only critics or specialists.

On design

The book is designed in the way so every important part is highlighted and the graphics in a nearly unnoticeable way (the way it does not mess up the

reading process) does reflect the attitude and thought of Mr. Nabokov on the author or a book.

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