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Idiot, Dostoevsky

Book cover



Idiot, idiot, idiot...

Along with «Crime and Punishment» and «Brothers Karamazovy» «Idiot» is one of the most famous and important novel by legendary Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Creating the book jacket for it we were thinking about the main idea of the novel — human relations and the way prince Myshkin, main hero, a kind and human loving person is changed and affected by different types of people — both good and bad (though it should be noted that in Dostoevsky novels it is sometimes hard to cross the line to divide good from bad and identify black, white or even different shades of grey).

Book cover is a list of quotes from different characters of the novel — calling the prince «Idiot».

The name of the book is highlighted in every sentence. Red letters create name of the author.

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