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Finansist is Russian financial organisation. In a few words it is an aggregator with a large amount of partners so a private person can receive the best credit with the best terms.

Branding is especially important for the company as an issue of building confident relations with the customer is especially important in financial sectors.

As simple as it can be

Working on a company symbol together with our customer we decided it should be as simple as possible.

The solution is abstract capital letter Ф (in Russian same as F in English).

Colour choice

Colour was choice based on fact that the brand should help to identify and differentiate. Comparing with all customers and financial associations in Russia

we came up with this solution — three simple but remarkable colours all perfectly suit each other.

Graphic standards

As usually good brand is not the one developed in proper way but also kept in a disciplined and

consistent manner. In order to achieve it we have developed detailed brand manual.

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