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Fantastik toys

Toys catalogue



A trip to the toy world

In 2017 we were Russian wood toy manufacturer Fantastik.PRO to created a detailed catalogue of their toys to improve the sales figures.

Our task was to create a colourful and beautiful story that would make a person to read the whole catalogue without missing any detail.


To make the catalogue easy to navigate we have created a separation on the right side of the print product so the reader would always easily find any

chapter he or she is willing to. Th contents reflects the idea of this solution.

Story you never forget

Every spread is a new story with it's own layout and system. Spread and description is full of interesting details like some relevant poems and useful information like some domino therms on the page of this product or explanation of the way you should name different parts of the bow.

Looking through the catalogue you do not find any spread that repeats other. In the same way they are all very clear and do not distract from the main points of the catalogue.

Final words

We also have worked in a very detailed way with the contacts page so the user has a very good and

warm final impression and meantime get the information.

(c) 2017 Beverly Group AB

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