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Etrangers Hotels

Branding, naming


2016-2017, realisation planned on 2019

Fitzgerald in Poland?

In 2016 we were commissioned to create branding for hotel line to be started in Poland and later in Russia in 2019-2020 as planned.

First step was to create a simple and reasonable name. The idea came from a novel «Tender Is the Night» by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Name transforming into picture

Name was taken from the book, so obviously the inspiration for the sign was taken from the same source.

The sign is a moon rising above the lake with a soft reflection. Romantic and simple.

Some promo

Besides basic hotel branding elements like towels, shower gels and so on we also offered some concepts for promo materials.

We created materials describing the principles and idea of the hotel line.

Rules to implement

As the hotel is planning to start opening in 2019-2020, our main task was to create a detailed guideline to be followed.

Below you can see some pages from the document that allows the company to start transforming the ideas into real life.

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