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Elis Group

Booklet design



Telling a story

In 2016 we have completed creating graphical identity for Elis Group — supplier of cable production and other technical equipment (see it here).

Right after completing the works we were commissioned to create the booklet to show main company supplies.

How to describe cable delivery and not to be too boring

Frankly the task to tell about cable deliveries to different objects is not the most exiting to tell about and to describe. However we tried our best so it

does not look to simple and boring. In the whole booklet you do not find any repetitive spread, though all of them are connected with one system.

Contents or stats?

We would like also to specially note the contents page of the booklet. It does not just show the list of project but demonstrates you some interesting information:

you can see largest supplies, regions and the most popular areas company is working.

Team page

Into the booklet we also included the team page — so the customer can see the face of those people who

stand behind any delivery.

(c) 2017 Beverly Group AB

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