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Ecotel 21

Graphic identity


2016 – 2017


Ecotel 21 is Russian company and one of the market leaders in supplying branded textile and shower accessories to hotels, spa and other leisure organisations.

In 2017 we were commissioned top completely upgrade company identity and create a web site for Ecotel.


Back in 1990's when the company was founded it was extremely popular to add number 21 to the name of the company (what meant transition to the 21st century). It looks a bit old-fashioned and vulgar for now but under trademark reasons the company could not change the name. First it seemed to be a large

problem for us to do something with this number in the name of the company. But in the end the whole brand solution came exactly from this 21. We decided to use simple Optima font to create a logotype, and 21 becomes flexible part that transforms depending on the brand described (on web site, catalogue etc.)

21 pattern

Out of every 21 number created for the company we have assembled nice and interesting pattern.

Great riddle — for a customer — can you see which number refers to which brand?


Additional elements that help in branding any element are colour palette and pattern that is slightly visible on the back of the canvas.

Colour palette is picked to show next main company principles: coziness, sociability, style, calm and traditions.


As a part of the project some print design was executed where tell about company principles and main brands represented by the team.

Web site

As a final note of the project we have developed company web site. Possibilities of interactive

environment allows us to completely represent the branding concept of flexible figures in the logotype.

(c) 2017 Beverly Group AB

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