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White Coats (Bely Bereg)

Wayfinding and print design




White Coast is a cottage village close to Moscow with more than 300 houses. It is modern and traditional in same time. The weak point of this place is not clear inner space design and wayfinding system.

In 2017 we were commissioned to create a concept of the navigation organization and implement it by writing down exact rules for designers and manufacturers.


As one of the first steps we have picked and confirmed the font Officina as one of the main design centres of the system. Based on it we have created the icon set.

Every icon is created based on the letter form and plastic. See below how the picture inherits it from some letter.

Colour system

Colour system helps to navigate inside the village. Village has 4 streets, each of them owns a colour.

In addition some common colours created (park, neutral, permission and  interdiction).


An important part (and most significant we suppose) part of the work is signs system. The idea was to create simple modular system that could be

completely flexible and perfectly fit different spaces and planes in the village.


Every sign and idea is documented and described in details so the concept is not blurred during the

time when different designers and constructors work on navigation system.

House signs

Big success is idea regarding the house sign that is branded and does not block the house walls

in the same time. The number is kind of opaque and the street colour is only inside the holder.

Other plates

In addition to signs mentioned above we have create more than 7 other types to cover every surface

or functional request the visitor of the village may have.


In order to completely simplify the navigation process inside the village we as well have designed the map. Map is created in two colour modes for different

contexts. Used inside the village, on site and in different print materials.


As a final step of the projects we have developed prints for the village telling about it's property,

advantages and other details.

(c) 2017 Beverly Group AB

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