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the 5TH

Catalogue for Russian market




The 5th is an American popular accessories brand (mainly focused on watch but also busy with bags, sunglasses and other staff).

Were had a mission to create an elegant stylish booklet-catalogue to support and promote the sales of the brand product in Russia.


The target was interesting and expiring as we are all big fans of company products and do understand why the customer should note it.

The catalogue was created in a company brand
style — clear and elegant design reflect clear and elegant product.


One the most important things we can say about the brand is the power of community created by the 5th. People make photos, share the experience via instagram and other social networks.

We did our best to reflect the community spirit in the booklet so the customer feels he does not just buy a useful gadget but joins some thing big and important.

(c) 2017 Beverly Group AB

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