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Malinovich Architects


Russia, Israel



In 2016 we were asked to created a brand for new architecture studio based in Israel and Russia named by it's founder Malinovich Architects.

The brief was to create something both within the way architects represent themselves and same way to be easily identified (as it is always told in the brief).

The inspiration

In this project we were not inspired by some style or by some projects of the customer but by the movement.

Customer dreams about creating skyscrapers and loves being technological. The movement of rising and separating became the base idea creating the brand.


Abstract lines became an important part of the brand DNA. Lines, half-tones, squares.

All of these are used not in the decoration but identification purpose.

Colour games

Another important DNA element we tried to use in the most proper way is colour combination. We restricted company to use two colours only — red and black.

This restriction helps both to be recognizable, easily identified and in the same time allows to create beautiful branded images.

Web design

In addition to brand identity we have worked on creating web design graphics.

You can easily look at this project here in details.

Brand guides

As usually we try to be really careful and strict same time creating the brand guidelines.

Following the brand identity system in a proper way is same important as creating it.

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