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MeSKA Jazz Club

Branding and Graphic identity



Both modern and school from one glance?

MeSKA jazz club is new organisation in Moscow, Russia. Company owners and creators wanted to reflect their love to old-school jazz in the new club. The question was if it was possible to make the style show the idea and be easily identified?

In 2016 we came with the solution that was accepted from the first attempt. The execution is below. Club are planned to be opened in Russia and Saint Petersburg in 2018-2019.


Company has 3 clear DNA elements — very simple but combined together they manage to create absolutely new point of view that you can easily identify in any brand holder.

1. Colourful gradient and gradient maps for photos.

2. Round forms — perfect for jazz

3. Black colour combination.

Big finger test?

Created and offered by graphic designer Michael Johnson big finger test can be easily passed by created brand.

Idea is simple — close the logo with your big finger so you do not see it. So do you recognize the brand? Oh yes, definitely.

Making brand sustainable

Making brand sustainable is from our point of view is crucial in graphic design. In order not to let the identity fall apart we also try to approach graphic manual

a bit more then just a list of rules. It should express the spirit of the brand that a user should feel. Cause the spirit is an important base for creating any brand stuff.

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